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2007 photos
Anchorage Saturday Market
Seward Tunnel Walk

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Alaskan events Outside events

Live at the Library and Alaska Botanical Garden Fair

Saturday Market and Whittier

Make It Alaskan Festival & Oktoberfest

Zion Fellowship Carnival

December events

Branson - Big Joe Polka Show

Yukon National Button Accordion Festival

Yukon - other groups



Ziggy Ida Alaska Button Box Gang
Ziggy and Ida
Anchorage Saturday Market
June 2007

Trudy Mike alaska Button Box Gang
Trudy and Mike on polkacello
Anchorage Saturday Market
June 2007

Alaska Button Box Gang
Ida, Flow, Susan, Trudy (in back), Nancy and Mary Lu Anchorage Saturday Market
June 2007



Mary Lu Roger Theresa Alaska Button Box GangMary Lu, Roger and Theresa
Anchorage Saturday Market
June 2007

Whittier gazebo
The gazebo in Whittier is where we set up to entertainment those walking through the tunnel.
June 2007

Eddie, Mary Lou, Flo and Ida
Entertaining the tunnel walkers in Whittier
June 2007

Thank you to Rob Knudsen for taking the Saturday Market photos and Rachel for taking the photos in Whittier.

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