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2008 photos
Whittier Tunnel Walk entertainment

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Links to more 2008 photos below:

Anchorage Saturday Market - May 31

Chugiak Senior Center - May 31

Whittier Tunnel Walk - June 8

Anchorage Pioneer Home - June 12

Alaska Botanical Garden - Garden Fair - June 22

Ironworld and Chisholm - June 27 - June 29

December 2008

Playing for tunnel walkers on a windy day in Whittier
A unicyclists rides by as the Alaska Button Box Gang entertains Tunnel walkers in Whittier Alaska.
The sun was shinning, but the wind was cold - thus our bundled up Alaska attire.

Alaska Button Box Gang in Whittier Alaska
Bev, Theresa, Flo, Ida and Mary Lou (partially hidden)
and staying warm in the wind.
toursits dancing to the music of the Alaska Button Box Gang
Toursists dancing and whooping it up while we play.
Susan Klein playing in Whittier
Susan with ear muffs, polypro and vest playing with the Alaska Button Box Gang
in the Whittier Gazebo
Ida smiling Whittier Alaska
Ida smiling in the wind and sun.
Alaska Button Box Gang Whittier Alaska
Nancy, Roger, Theresa, Ida and Flo.
Eddie Trudy others in Whittier
The "other" side of the wind - Theresa, Ida, Flo, Eddie, Mary Lou, Fran (in blue), Trudy.
Thank you to Tana for taking the photos.

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