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2010 Photos

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May - June

Memorial Day Weekend some of our members went to Bessemer for the National Button Accordion Festival (no photos of this event though). Our summer playing season in Alaska began with the Friday Night Music at the Zoo series. A chilly evening but lots of families came out to enjoy the zoo and the free music. We also played for a private block party to celebrate the Solstice. Another chilly - from the wind - evening, but fun time for all. And a surprisingly hot day in Whittier in June for the Walk IN Whittier event.


In July we played for Live at the Library and at the Anchorage Saturday Market.


In August we double teamed playing at the Anchorage Saturday Market one day and the following day entertained marathon and half-marathon runners of the Big Wild Life Fun Runs event. It was a hot sunny noon at the Saturday Market and a foggy cool morning at Westchester Lagoon the following day. Both were appreciated by their respective audiences.


In September we again entertained for the Zion Lutheran Church Carnival.


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