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We are in the process of adding content to this page.  We have four recordings - On Fire, Our Own, Polka Fury and Under the Northern Sky. Please call 907-346-3697 to purchase. More information and a form will be loaded soon.

On Fire

On Fire is our first recording

Our Own

Our second recording features many songs written by members of the group

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Below are our recordings

Polka Fury

Polka Fury was our third recording, produced in  2002. This recording includes five original songs by members of the Gang, traditional songs and well-known standards.Thumb Polka  
Laendler with Feeling Zaplula
I have a Dream
Cebar's #1
Achtung Los!
Whitehall Two Step Budgie Boy Polka
Rootie Kazootie
Tales of Hoffman
Fancy Free
Lara's Theme
River City
Silver Chips
El Gaucho

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Under the Northern Sky

Under the Northern Sky is our fourth recording. As with our previous releases songs include original compositions as well as traditional and standard melodies.

This album can be purchased below or through cdbaby.

Diggy Liggy Lo Hammer Hanks Polka El Murcielago Dance with Me Finger Lake Aurora (waltz) Moja Dekle Three Brothers' Polka Deshka's Waltz Angel's Polka Windy Hill Two-Step Squeezers Burschenlieder Polar Bear Polka Rachel of Ure Ginger Hill Eddie's Polka Rap