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This page has links to videos of us playing at various events. The video quality is not always the best, but you can hear a sampling of our music.

Double click the video to go to YouTube and watch. (For a full screen click the icon to the right of HQ below the video.)

A medley of songs - playing at Chilkoot Charlie's polka party
Beer Barrel Polka recorded from the stage looking toward the Chugach Mountains at the Anchorage Saturday Market in August.

Click on the link for each song to see and listen to a video. They were all taken at the Anchorage Saturday Market by the 8-year old grandson of one of our members!

Alaska Swing Written by our own Theresa Pajot
Diggy Liggy Lo Cajun two-step
Midnight Fantasy Written by another of our members, Mary Lu Harle
Rootie Kazootie An audience participation song
V Dilini Tihi A beautiful waltz by the late Lojzeta Slaka
Daj Daj or Give Back my Heart Traditional Slovenian waltz
El Rio Drive A great polka
Dutchman's Waltz A wonderful waltz
Hammer Hanks A great polka by Joe Fedorchak
Edelweiss Usually played at Octoberfest - but why wait?

Previous videos

Diggy Liggy Lo

Playing at Zion Lutheran Church 2011
Jingle Bells

Thanks to Marge Ford for recording
us on her iPhone!

Playing Jingle Bells at St. Pat's Christmas Polka Dance December 16, 2011.

At the National Button Accordion Festival 2009

Thanks to Adam Pivovar for posting this video.
The Alaska Button Box Gang playing the first night of the National Button Accordion Festival in Bessemer, Pennsylvania, May 2009.

Pennsylvania Polka
& Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Thanks to Ron Knudsen for trying out the video application on my camera while taking photos of the group.
Here we are on YouTube playing at a private Valentine's Day dance.

At the National Button Box Festival 2007

Thanks to YouTube poster chick5947 for posting this video.
And here we are at the National Button Box Festival in Yukon, Oklahoma in 2007.

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